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  • 2020 Midwestern US Ice Dance Junior Ice Champions (with Kenan Slevira)

  • 2019 US National Novice Ice Dance Bronze Medalists (with Kirill Aksenov)

  • 2019 Pacific Coast Sectional Novice Ice Dance Champions (with Kirill Aksenov)

  • 2018 Dance Chicago Novice Ice Dance Bronze Medalists (with Kirill Aksenov)

  • 2017 US National Intermediate Ice Dance Silver Medalists (with Jeffrey Chen)

  • 2016 US National Juvenile Ice Dance Champion (with Jeffrey Chen)

My parents took me skating when I was 3 years old.  It didn't take me long to realize that I wanted to compete alongside the best in the world.


My dream is to reach the 2026 Olympics in Milan with my partner and bring home a medal in Ice Dance.


I am so lucky that my Mum, Dad, family, coaches, friends and supporters are helping to make my dream come true.  


I love to dance. I love to learn. I love the ice.


Please see my videos and sign-up to get my newsletters.


- Layla                       


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